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Supplied publicity photo, 2005

Meeting Ben Mulroney

The son of a Prime Minister is now a primetime TV draw. We talk with Ben as he begins work on the second season of 'Canadian Idol'
Supplied publicity photo, 2004

Jeff Healey’s new year

The singer-songwriter talks about how he spent 2003 and what's in store for this year

On the record with Wendy Mesley

The 'CBC News: Marketplace' co-host talks about reporting and why she thinks some journalism students should be slapped.
Supplied publicity photo, CBC, 2001

Full Disclosure

Exclusive: Wendy Mesley and Diana Swain discuss their highly anticipated CBC newsmagazine, 'Disclosure'
Supplied publicity photo, 2000

It’s not easy being Wendy Mesley

The CBC journalist talks about her TV newsmagazine 'Undercurrents', being a homebody and, yes, we went there, her bad hair days
Robert Ballantyne

Caged Wild Strawberries?

Pop-rock duo Wild Strawberries are independent and back to making music on their own terms
Supplied publicity photo, 1996

A Wild Berry

Roberta Carter-Harrison of the Wild Strawberries talks about their new album, 'Heroine'