Writer's Guidelines

We’re always looking for Canadian arts and culture news, reviews and features. Our current editorial priority is increasing our Canadian and Ontario-based arts coverage — that includes literature, theatre, film, dance and visual arts news/reviews. We are also looking for short fiction.

We’re happy to work with new Canadian writers with great ideas and to provide a venue for experienced writers to express themselves.

What kind of articles do you accept?

Your story should fit into one of our sections. We prefer stories with a Canadian angle, but relevant non-Canadian stories are fine. Articles should be clear and to the point. As an online publication, we generally try to keep word length to a minimum.

If you’re a new writer, these are the best kinds of stories to contribute:

Reviews: 150 words
News/Blogs: 150-250 words

We also publish original interviews, usually Q & A interviews with notable figures, and feature-style articles otherwise.

Features: 500-700 words (typical); 700+ words (longform)

No Email Interviews

Unless previously approved by the Editor-in-Chief, you’ll have to pick up the phone and talk to an interview subject. Better yet, talk to them in person!

The Pitch

Your pitch should include the theme of your article, what research you have done and what research you intend to do. Be specific and keep it less than 250 words. If it is a music or film review, copy and paste your draft into the message.

You’ve accepted my pitch, now what?

The reply will contain a proposed deadline and word length. If the deadline is reasonable, let the editor know as soon as possible, and keep in touch.

Sometimes story ideas and life can take strange directions. Just never miss a deadline without reasonable notice.

The Benefits of Writing for Popj.ca

Besides fame and glory, we offer a per-word pay rate for commissioned articles. After contributing five articles, you can ask to receive the title of “Popj.ca Staff” under any full-length articles. If the editor grants your request, a brief biography including your photo will be available on your byline.

Submission Guidelines

When you submit your article, Popj.ca reserves the right to make changes to the article including, but not limited to, changes in grammar, spelling and word usage.

Popj.ca retains the non-exclusive right to archive, display and reproduce submitted articles, photographs and art online and in print worldwide in perpetuity. You retain the copyright of your work and you are free to reuse your material electronically or in print after an exclusive window of two weeks.

Contact Us

Please send all pitches to Popj.ca’s Editor-in-Chief, Rob Ballantyne at editor@popj.ca.

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