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Movie Review: ‘In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale’

A star-studded cast, expert stunt coordination, $60 million budget, epic tale of heroism… and it is directed by notorious German filmmaker Uwe Boll. As most of Boll’s previous films, this one is also based on a video game – Dungeon Siege. When asked why he turns to video games for source material, Boll said “In […]

30 Days of Night

It is a vampire’s dream: 30 days of total darkness. Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost community in the world and for 30 days in the dead of winter, with temperatures well below zero, not a ray of sunlight falls upon the town. The film begins with the annual closing of the town and the departure […]

Brian Byrne, Tailor Made

To me Brian Byrne’s debut, Tuesdays, Thursday and if it rains, was a big disappointment. His transformation from hard-rock vocalist for I Mother Earth, to freewheelin’ country boy was just a bit too forced. So it’s quite a pleasant surprise that a mere year later Byrne’s Tailor Made kicks some serious ass. Shuffling from gritty […]

The Weakerthans, Reunion Tour

After five years of waiting, the Weakerthans rally of troops have finally got some new material to drool over. But something’s wrong here. About half way through Reunion Tour it’s obvious that the Weakerthans are running out of ideas. The LP sounds like a mix of their two previous efforts with a dash of keyboards […]

Bedouin Soundclash, Street Gospels

Released back in August, Bedouin Soundclash’s third disc debuted at number two on the Canadian charts marking the band as one of our nations most popular acts.I can understand why; Bedouin Soundclash writes some really nice reggae songs easily digested by the public. Let’s be honest, Bedouin Soundclash are so safe that it’s like the […]

Death at a Funeral

Friends and relatives gather to exchange memories and disapproving looks; a hypochondriac’s tag-along obsessively follows an already-taken woman; a “short man” wants to share graphic photos with other guests; and hallucinogens cause a man to sit stark naked on the roof. Sound entertaining? It should – especially since it all takes place at a funeral. […]

Album Review: KT Tunstall, ‘Drastic Fantastic’

The sophomore jinx can make or break a musician’s career. They can go down three paths: copy their debut, change genres entirely or thoughtfully build upon their original work. Tunstall’s Drastic Fantastic follows the latter, as she layers her sound with electric rock riffs, mysterious acoustic pieces and warm indie-pop sounds. The rest of the […]

Flash Point

Flash Point is a fast-paced, action-packed cop drama. It sounds cliché but it could not be truer. Director Wilson Yip first came to the Toronto International Film Festival with his hard-hitting SPL (a.k.a. Kill Zone). Teaming once again with Donnie Yen, Yip returns to the big screen with an in your face, non-stop round of […]


When it comes right down to it, you have to ask yourself: how much can you endure; how far are you willing to go… to survive? Horror films ask these questions of their characters all the time; but it is how they are shown to answer these questions that makes a movie good or bad. […]


The marriage of science and technology is capable of spawning great things but how many suffer in the process of perfecting results and helping others? It is Paris, 2025 and a surgeon no longer has to be in the same operating room as the patient to perform complex procedures. But Professor Brügen (Marthe Keller), the […]

Good Luck Chuck

The plot implies comedy: every woman Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) has sex with finds her true love in the next guy she dates. When word gets around, Charlie has a line of ready and willing women hoping for their opportunity to rub the rabbit’s foot. It is, therefore, hard to believe the movie is not […]


“Were we in hell?” “No, we were at the drive-in.” What began as the script for a horror film evolved into a humanistic comedy about three friends trying to get out of a jam while staying a step ahead of a group of misguided Satan worshippers. In Northern Ontario, the transition from Weedsville to Weirdsville […]

Sukiyaki Western Django

The spaghetti western has gone East like never before. The gunslingers pack a six-shooter next to their samurai swords and dress like glam-rockers gone back to reclaim the duster. The movie is Sukiyaki Western Django and it is a Japanese western from cult-cinema bad-boy Takashi Miike. The cast is Japanese but the dialogue is English […]

The Devil’s Chair

The Devil’s Chair is best described as a cross between The Legend of Hell House (1973) and an Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) narrative. But somewhere in the middle of this film, you will have to ask “What the f–k?” First, to be clear, it is supposed to be absurd. It is an homage to the 1980s […]

The Babysitters

More and more teenagers are becoming sexually active in high school. But how many of them are charging for it? Shirley (Katherine Waterston) is an honors student who babysits on weekends for a little extra cash and the opportunity to see her crush – the kids’ dad, Michael (John Leguizamo). Then, one night, a brief […]


This film is not recommended for anyone with a weak stomach or women with child. Otherwise, if you think you can handle it, sit down and prepare yourself for Inside (À l’intérieur). “It’s only cinema. You can do everything on screen.” This was the filmmakers’ response when asked if there was anything they felt they […]