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Serj Tankian, Elect the Dead

While progressive nu-metal rockers System of a Down are on indefinite hiatus, ranting front man Serj Tankian is the first one out of the gate with a solo album.On Elect the Dead, System’s rifling start-and-stop guitar riffs, colliding drum barrages and Tankian’s trademark wail are all still present. Rightfully so, Tankian has always been proud […]

This Christmas

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a big family during the holidays?


The classic tale of epic proportions is given an on screen treatment of equal measure.


DON’T WATCH THE TRAILER. If you are going to enjoy Alone and get a jump out of the scary moments, you cannot watch the trailer prior to screening the film. Unfortunately for fans, the trailer reveals some of the best moments in the Thai horror flick. It is said the bond between twins surpasses the […]

Murder Party

“If some jackass is dumb enough to come here, then he deserves to die.” “Welcome to your murder.” Chris (Chris Sharp) is just a lonely nerd that wants to party. On his way home for a friendless night of video watching, he comes across a discarded Halloween party invitation. The gathering is called Murder Party. […]

The Tracey Fragments

Bruce McDonald’s fragmented style is a unique approach to capturing the complicated internal workings of the teenage mind. Fifteen-year-old Tracey Berkowitz (Ellen Page) is an outcast in her school and in her home; her peers taunt and bully her while her parents are usually too busy with their own problems to notice her. Her only […]

Simon Says

Cult icon Crispin Glover as twin backwoods psycho killers sounded like a good time but the end result was more trying than fun. A group of teenagers are heading to the woods for a weekend of drugs and debauchery. However, they stumble on a nearly abandoned town and anger Stanley, the storeowner, by making fun […]


Fantasy films are now in the business of grand illusions, overflowing with CGI monsters and epic budgets to match their tales. At least Russia remembers how it used to be. Wolfhound is a throwback to the captivating fantasy films of the 1980’s, such as Beastmaster and Conan the Barbarian. They share similar character types and […]

The Rebel

The Rebel is an achievement of martial arts ability anchored in an intriguing tale of politics, power and betrayal. What’s more, it is the most expensive movie ever produced in Vietnam. The hard-hitting, high-kicking lead actor has fought opposite Jet Li and Tony Jaa and even though many may still not recognize him, most of […]

Audience of One

When watching The Nativity Story or The Ten Commandments, did you ever think to yourself “I bet this would be better as a futuristic sci-fi epic?” Pastor Richard Gazowsky wants to satisfy that void in film history and Mike Jacobs has captured every failing moment in his captivating documentary Audience of One. Gazowsky “really want[s] […]

Mulberry Street

They hide in alleyways. They live in the walls. You can hear them behind the plaster and in the subway tunnels. They are rats… and they are rat-people. The apartment on Mulberry Street is going to be redeveloped so its tenants are being evicted. An eclectic group of friendly neighbors, they assist and care for […]

The Tripper

David Arquette puts the axe to a group of hippies in his directorial debut but fails to capture the slasher charm. A music festival in the woods is drawing dozens of hippies to dark seclusion illuminated by strobe lights and clouded by smoke. Unfortunately for the drug-addled teens, a maniac in a Ronald Reagan mask […]

Blood Car

Most drivers could not imagine living without their precious vehicles. But how much would any one of them be willing to sacrifice to stay on the road? If you have seen The Little Shop of Horrors, the story may seem familiar – only a bloodthirsty car has replaced the carnivorous plant. It is the very […]

Babyshambles, Shotter’s Nation

What’s the difference between America’s most messed up celebs and Britain’s reigning king of the tabloids?