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How to get culture right when embedding it into AI

Artificial Intelligence is set to explode and, as a result, multiple versions of AI are bound to co-exist. It's time to influence its development into a truly pan-global cultural environment

Will Canada adopt à la carte cable?

For years Canadians have been paying cable and satellite providers for channels that we don’t watch. Worse yet, most probably don’t know that when we pay our bills, our cash is put towards the programming of those same channels that we already live without. Yes, we non-golfers contribute directly to the fortunes of The Golf […]

CBC internal publicists are not ‘redundant’

Behind every good entertainment feature, there’s usually a good publicist. The best publicists give you freedom to weave in and out of environments, such as movie and television sets, to do thorough reporting — as evidenced in the upcoming cover story I wrote on CBC TV’s legal drama This is Wonderland. In all honesty, when […]

Why I hate job interviews

A veteran journalist steps back onto the job market and shares one of her nastiest interview experiences