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Tanya Kim: backstage report on the 2005 Juno Awards

For the lowdown on all the behind-the-scenes action at the Juno Awards, we turned to red carpet interviewer and eTalk Daily reporter Tanya Kim to give us a rundown of the night’s big events.

Table of Contents: Summer 2005

The second issue of Popjournalism, featuring a report from the set of CBC's 'This is Wonderland' and interviews with Ben Mulroney, Barenaked Ladies' Steven Page, Wild Strawberries, Lisa Loeb and more

CBC internal publicists are not ‘redundant’

Behind every good entertainment feature, there’s usually a good publicist. The best publicists give you freedom to weave in and out of environments, such as movie and television sets, to do thorough reporting — as evidenced in the upcoming cover story I wrote on CBC TV’s legal drama This is Wonderland. In all honesty, when […]

The Best Singles of 2004

Who listens to albums anymore? Yes, this year marks the dominance of the downloaded single — both the legal and the, uh, sorta legal (in Canada anyway). It’s also the year when portable MP3 players became the listening device of choice. From lighter-sized flash players to the trendy iPod, it looks as if music fans […]

The Best Albums of 2004

1. K-OS, Joyful Rebellion — K-OS’s sophomore release Joyful Rebellion reflects the sounds from his live show and revels in the celebration of music. The record begins with the renegade romp of “Emcee Murdah” which is flavoured with Spanish guitar and poisonous raps about how “Hip-hop is not dead, it’s just really the mind of […]

Winter 2004

The premiere issue of Popjournalism, featuring interviews with Rick Mercer, Jann Arden, Mary Walsh, Roseanne Barr, Michael Rosenbaum and Cathy Jones

Table of Contents: Winter 2004

The premiere issue of Popjournalism, published on Nov. 25, 2004. Read the original published order by using the bottom navigation.

Canadians distrustful of news media: survey

Canadians have serious concerns when it comes to trusting the media, according to a recent national survey. Canadians also had serious concerns regarding the balance and fairness of media.

Web deprivation causes withdrawal symptoms

Most regular users of the Internet have a hard time being offline for a day, but 28 brave people in the U.S. gave up their connections for 14 days in the name of advertising.

ISPs not responsible for copyright infringement by their users: Supreme Court

Canada’s music industry lost another major legal battle in the fight against Internet music piracy. In a resounding 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Internet service providers (ISPs) are not responsible for copyright infringement committed by their users. Justice Ian Binnie spoke for the majority and said that “Like a telephone company, […]
Supplied publicity photo, 2005

Meeting Ben Mulroney

The son of a Prime Minister is now a primetime TV draw. We talk with Ben as he begins work on the second season of 'Canadian Idol'

The Best Albums of 2003

1) Sam Roberts, We Were Born In A Flame (Maple Music) 2) Buck 65, Talkin’ Honky Blues (WEA) 3) Jim Guthrie, Now, More Than Ever (Three Gut Records) 4) Frank Black and the Catholics, Show Me Your Tears (Sub Pop) 5) The Darkness, Permission To Land (Atlantic) 6) Joel Plaskett, Truthfully Truthfully (Maple Music) 7) […]

The Best Albums of 2002

1) Bruce Springsteen, The Rising (Columbia) 2) Coldplay, A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Parlophone) 3) Hot Hot Heat, Make Up The Breakdown (Sub Pop) 4) Johnny Cash, American IV: The Man Comes Around (American) 5) Sam Roberts, The Inhuman Condition EP (Maple Music) 6) Badly Drawn Boy, Have You Have The Fish? (XL) […]