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Top Ten Albums of 2009

10. Mary J. Blige, Stronger with Each Tear: Released to mediocre reviews, Mary J’s latest made the list simply because…

One-on-one with Bruce McDonald

We sat down with Independent Canadian director Bruce McDonald to quiz him about his unusual zombie movie, 'Pontypool'.

Oscar’s new look a winner

Next to the winners (and their attire), the other big talk of Oscar night was the actual ceremony and its…

How to Read… Hunter S. Thompson

Few authors have had the sheer cultural impact of Hunter S. Thompson. Alongside the likes of Ken Kesey and Tom…

Books to watch for in 2009

With the end of the year comes the perpetual rumination on the best of days gone by. Not that there’s…

How to Read…Graphic Novels

“Comic book” or “graphic novel” – which term do you use? For most, a graphic novel is the issues of…

How to Read…The End of the World

Since humans became self-aware enough to acknowledge our own mortality, we have spent an inordinate amount of time speculating on…

How to Read… ‘The Simpsons’

The Peabody and Emmy award winning show has long been lauded for its successful lampooning of contemporary American culture. It is quite possible that no show has ever done it better... but if you think you’ve peeled back all the layers, there are a few authors who might have you beat.

How to Read…The New Millennium

Ah, the classics. Hemingway. Salinger. Steinbeck. All iconic authors of the 20th Century, all the creators of classics that are still studied and honored today. And many of these classics have received the highest honour any book can receive; inclusion in Oprah’s Book Club.

How to Read… Pro Wrestling

Professional wrestlers are often derided and pigeonholed with little thought. But in the wake of the highly lauded release of The Wrestler, it's time to take a hard look at the men & women that push this industry...

The Divine Ms. Brown

Canadian R&B songstress Divine Brown lays it all on the line with her comeback record, 'The Love Chronicles'

How to Read… Porn

It's not what you think. Seriously. This isn't a bunch of reviews of Penthouse letters or pictorials in Playboy.

How to Read… the Internet

The internet has become a source for numerous forms of great content, at least 15% of which are not pornographic in nature.