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Terminal illness

There may still be a divide between coach and first class — but you have to make it through the airport first. And these days, air travel makes fools of us all. Check-in Okay, not a problem. Deceptively easy, in fact. The attendants at the counter barely glance at me or my carry-on luggage that […]

Old ‘mares

Everyone remembers what it’s like to have a nightmare. The thrashing, the screaming, the hysterical crying for your mommy, only to wake up and realize it was only a dream — and you moved out of your parents house six years ago. Science is only now beginning to study other types of “mares” which are […]

Celebrity blast to the past

“Celebrities. Is there anything they don’t know?” Homer Simpson Who hasn’t wished they could travel back in time and give themselves advice that could change the course of their lives? I know I have. But then I remember that I am but a very small cog in the large wheel of life, and since I […]