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Cyber-stalking made easy

Thanks to Google, the practice of researching or “cyber-stalking” people using the Internet has become more efficient and less stigmatized. Wondering what’s up with your ex? Your best friend from grade four? Or maybe someone told you that they Googled you recently, and you just want to be polite and return the favor! Whatever your […]

Headline headaches

It’s a good thing Star Jones got kicked off The View last week, because there’s not much else going on in entertainment news these days. If there was, then the following headlines probably wouldn’t be screaming at us from the grocery store lineups week after week: Who’s PREGNANT? It seems like any time a female […]

The six-stage celebrity life cycle

Stage 1: It’s all about the exposure Following your big break, people begin to stand up and take notice that you have that certain “It Factor.” Everyone wants to claim status as being the first to have discovered you, and they clamor to introduce you as the new up and comer. Stage 2: It’s all […]

Goodbyes make me cry

Anyone who has ever sat down to compose a letter or email is eventually faced with the dilemma of how to sign off. Do I just sign my name? Do I write cheers to seem friendly and informal? Or do I thank them, even though they haven’t done anything for me to be thankful for? […]

Commercial cliches

In this day and age of being bombarded with advertisements everywhere you turn, it helps to insulate yourself with some good old-fashioned critical thinking. But what if you’re a mindless drone who eagerly digests every marketing morsel thrown your way during the average television commercial? Then you’d probably believe the following: Everything takes place in […]

Five don’ts for B-list bloggers (because there are no do’s)

1. Don’t forget to remind people who you are, especially if you are the original “Becky” from Roseanne. 2. Don’t repeatedly write: “It’s Hammertime,” unless you actually are MC Hammer. 3. Don’t tell us that “music should be about the music,” especially if you are Vanilla Ice. 4. Don’t post a scandalous video of Paris […]

Feline hot, hot, hot

Amongst the lineup of blockbuster films expected to rock our world this summer is the epic sequel to Garfield: The Movie, titled: Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. I really enjoyed reading Garfield comics as a kid. But now that I’m an adult, I’ve come to realize that if Garfield were human, he could seriously […]

Snakes on the brain

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this summer’s most anticipated movie, Snakes on a Plane, has changed the way I look at life; and, more importantly, the way I look at Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week cleared up some of the facts surrounding the film, […]

What reality TV is really saying

Much is said these days about reality television — but what exactly is reality television saying? It seems there are certain key phrases that run across the board in this unprecedented genre of television, whether used in the makeover, wife swapping, or island survival variety: “This incredible journey” — To most people, a journey would […]

Seeing stars

When I first heard reports this week that Keith Richards had suffered a concussion from falling out of a palm tree in Fiji, I was tempted to say “that’s ridiculous!” But then I realized that this incident is actually tame in comparison to some of the other absurd injuries that decorate the celebrity Hall of […]
Supplied publicity photo, ABC News, 2006

The Tom Cruise/Diane Sawyer interview: Footage you were never meant to see

Here at Popjournalism, we’ve received such emphatic responses to the Open Letter to Katie Holmes that we thought it would only be fair to round things off with this “lost footage” from last week’s Primetime interview with Tom Cruise. Enjoy! Diane: In the last two years, you’ve starred in major blockbuster motion pictures such as […]

An open letter to Katie Holmes

Dear Katie, Having never met has forged a wide gulf between us. Yet, despite this distance, I feel compelled to reach out to you and hope you’ll consider my unsolicited advice. It has come to my attention through the press that you are under a powerful and intoxicating spell that has been affectionately dubbed “Cruise […]

Terminal illness

There may still be a divide between coach and first class — but you have to make it through the airport first. And these days, air travel makes fools of us all. Check-in Okay, not a problem. Deceptively easy, in fact. The attendants at the counter barely glance at me or my carry-on luggage that […]

Old ‘mares

Everyone remembers what it’s like to have a nightmare. The thrashing, the screaming, the hysterical crying for your mommy, only to wake up and realize it was only a dream — and you moved out of your parents house six years ago. Science is only now beginning to study other types of “mares” which are […]