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On this day in Canadian pop culture: Oct. 29

1929 The Toronto Stock Exchange suffers huge losses as the New York stock market almost entirely collapses. “Black Tuesday” begins the U.S. “Great Depression” and critically affects Canadian trade as one-third of the economy is dependent on exports. 1967 The Montreal Expo ’67 closes with total attendance of more than 50 million visitors. 1998 The […]

Drake turns 30, drops news of upcoming music project in December

It’s a birthday celebration for both Drake and his fans. The Toronto-born hip hop superstar announced on his Apple Music program that he has plans for a new music project titled, More Life, in December. “I want to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life,” he said. Earlier this […]
Supplied publicity photo, Nintendo, 2016

5 revealing moments from the Nintendo Switch trailer that everyone else missed

Ever since Nintendo revealed a three-minute teaser trailer for its upcoming Switch console, it has become one of the most analyzed videos since the Zapruder film. Fans are hungry for more information: Will the screen be touch-enabled? How much will the console cost at launch? What games will be included? Well, we don’t know the […]

On this day in Canadian pop culture: Oct. 14

1926 British author A.A. Milne publishes Winnie-the-Pooh. The honey-loving title character is inspired by a real-life bear named Winnipeg, which had been donated to the London Zoo by Canadian soldiers in 1915. 1966 Montreal’s Metro subway system officially opens. Inspired by the Paris Metro, it is Canada’s busiest metro system, and North America’s third busiest […]

On this day in Canadian pop culture: Oct. 13

1984 The “Challenger” lands at Cape Canaveral, Florida and during the eight-day mission, Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian to fly in space. 1986 Vancouver’s Expo ’86 closes after 172 days, drawing 22 million people to the event. 1992 Sri Lankan-born Canadian novelist and poet Michael Ondaatje becomes the first Canadian to win the Booker […]

On this day in Canadian pop culture: October 11

1952 Montreal’s CBFT carries the first televised hockey game in Canada: Montreal Canadiens vs Detroit Red Wings. 1968 The founding convention of the Parti Québécois, lead by the charismatic René Lévesque, says it will declare Quebec a sovereign state if it wins a majority in the Quebec legislature. 1984 Montreal-born Mario Lemieux makes his NHL […]

On this day in Canadian pop culture: September 10

In 1919, the “Treaty of Saint Germain” was signed, ending the First World War. In 1939, Canada declared war on Germany. Originally it was thought that Canada’s role would be to supply war materiel to Britain, which had declared war seven days earlier, and Prime Minister Mackenzie King took a stand against conscription. But by […]

On this day in Canadian pop culture: September 9

1945 Toronto-born baseball player Dick Fowler of the Philadelphia Athletics pitches a no-hitter, becoming the only Canadian to ever do so (a record that holds today). 1954 Marilyn Bell, 16, becomes the first person to swim across Lake Ontario, swimming from from Youngstown, New York to Toronto. She swims for 20 hours and 57 minutes […]

New Pokémon bears striking resemblance to Donald Trump

The latest trailer for Nintendo’s upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon video games Nintendo is causing unexpected political chatter: is a new Pokémon designed to look like Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump? Gumshoos, a mongoose with distressing, Trump-ish slicked-back hair, made his debut today and triggered social media snickering. Pokémon Sun and Moon is set in […]

This week on the Nintendo Canada eShop: July 14, 2016

This week’s new Canadian Nintendo eShop offerings include Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS, TurboGrafx-16 classics for the Wii U virtual console and the SNES edition of Final Fight for the New Nintendo 3DS. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter Generations ($49.99) Get ready to hunt monsters in […]

Nintendo to release mini NES console in November, includes 30 retro games

Nintendo is embracing its retro past by releasing a mini-sized NES console, including 30 classic built-in games like Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda. The NES Classic Edition is being released on Nov. 11 and will retail in Canada for $79.99. The package includes an HDMI cable, AC adapter and one […]