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Supplied publicity photo, 2017

New on the Nintendo Switch: Mar. 3, 2017

It’s Switch time! Nintendo’s new console launches on Friday with eight games. Here’s what’s available, along with their prices in Canadian dollars. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Buy physical copy or digital download: $79.99 Perfect and near-perfect early reviews are following Nintendo’s marquee title for the Switch (also available on the Wii […]

Oscars, Diana Krall, Murdoch Mysteries top week’s essential entertainment

Let’s face it: this week is all about the Oscars. All other entertainment events fall under the great Academy Awards shadow but — believe it or not — a few TV, music and video game releases are braving the blackout. So, envelope please, here are Popjournalism‘s top 10 new & upcoming things to see and […]