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Wolf Parade, Wolf Parade EP

Montreal’s Wolf Parade are on the cusp of releasing their highly anticipated full length Apologies To The Queen Mary next month, so until then, indie rock fans will have to drool over this painstakingly short self-titled EP. Wolf Parade opens with two tracks from Queen Mary : “Shine A Light” is a faultless indie pop rocker with some unforgettable new-wave keyboards thrown in for good measure, and “You Are A Runner, And I’m My Father’s Son” sounds like a mix between the now defunct alt-country band Royal City and earlier Modest Mouse. The similarities aren’t surprising considering that Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse is producing both these tracks. The EP ends with two B-sides: “Disco Sheets” is a dance-y, hand clapping frenzy, while “Lousy Pictures” features some effectively layered keyboard rhythms, and combines them with under-produced vocals and tattered guitar to great effect. If this EP is any indication of what Wolf Parade will unleash upon the nation, then this should be declared the year of the wolf. (Sub Pop) Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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