Voices, WWE The Music Vol.9

Did you know this musically-deprived, emotionless piece of plastic entered the Billboard Top 200 bestselling albums chart at No. 11? This is a very depressing fact for anyone who really loves music. So why am I bothering to review it? Because I want to understand why people are buying this and not downloading it.

I mean, it beat out Metallica, Akon and Pink! But I guess I just don’t grasp what people are into because all I hear are fake MIDI keyboards, song titles that turn into choruses and lyrics like, “So all my girls in the club say wooooo, because you know just how we dooooo”. Even after all this, one track in particular made my stomach turn: “Get On Your Knees” is a full-out Rage Against The Machine rip-off with a sound alike Zack De Rocha faux-rapping about “politician all talk, no conviction,” and a weak Tom Morello solo attempt. I understand that wrestling is very popular and generates sales, but I am afraid of what this kind of music is doing to our souls and culture. (Columbia)

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