Video Game Review: ‘Miitomo’ (Mobile)

Nintendo’s first smartphone app is pretty underwhelming. While cute and polished, Miitomo is mostly for kids or those few adults who like their social networks to be very, very tame.

Miitomo encourages you to share innocent life details with your friends, and for you to learn those same kinds of details from your friends in return.

Miitomo is free to download, though you can drop some real money on the in-game currency to play a Pachinko-style drop game and buy clothing. You can also earn coins to purchase items simply by using the app, too.

The most fun to be hand in Miitomo is the Miifoto feature, which enables you to place your Mii into real-life photos on your phone.

However, like Miitomo as a whole, it’s all very cute, but once the novelty wears off, so do its charms.

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