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Review: Tracey Thorn, ‘Dancefloor’

Tracey Thorn's new single 'Dancefloor' gets the remix treatment

Rating: 7
English singer-songwriter Tracey Thorn
English singer-songwriter Tracey Thorn Merge Records, 2018

Tracey Thorn, one half of the long-dormant pop duo Everything But the Girl, returned this year with her fifth solo studio album, Record.

Already critically acclaimed, Record‘s biggest 4/4 dance anthem is “Dancefloor,” but the album version is compressed to less than three minutes.

Record producer Ewan Pearson expands the original track to a 12″ mix that breathes wonderfully for eight-and-a-half minutes, like the way it should’ve on the album.

Also included on the remix package is an extended disco and a radio-length remix by UK collective Powerdance. The aforementioned Pearson also teams up with Finnish producer Sasse for the “Pearson and Linblad Italo Remix.”

Both remixes are tasteful and solid, but don’t deviate from the original’s mix enough to stand out. The 12″ mastermix is the remix pack’s most obvious standout.

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Tracey Thorn, ‘Dancefloor’
ReleasedApril 12, 2018
Genre(s)Dance & Electronic, Pop
Label Merge Records

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