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Music Review: Tori Amos, ‘Tales of a Librarian’

We should have known Amos wouldn’t deliver a traditional greatest hits album. Librarian presents some of her best-known tracks (notably excluding “Caught a Lite Sneeze” and songs from Strange Little Girls and Scarlet’s Walk) in remixed or re-recorded form. Fans will no doubt decry the remixed old favourites at first — which remove reverb on her vocals and most electronic effects — but after a few listens, the mixes settle in. If you’re into alternate mixes, this is the collection for you, otherwise they’re no better or worse than the originals. Adding to the mix are new tracks “Angel” and the gorgeous “Snow Cherries from France.” It’s difficult to collect songs from an artist who had so few commercial hits, but a plethora of beloved album tracks. However, Tales is a smart commercial release that will have newbies raiding her catalogue for more, while adding enough bonuses to snare a purchase from the devoted. (Atlantic/Warner)

4 out of 5

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