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The Weakerthans, Reunion Tour

After five years of waiting, the Weakerthans rally of troops have finally got some new material to drool over.

But something’s wrong here. About half way through Reunion Tour it’s obvious that the Weakerthans are running out of ideas. The LP sounds like a mix of their two previous efforts with a dash of keyboards and loops. The frustrating part is that it’s not a bad record, just a predictable one. Lead vocalist John K. Samson still delivers the same endearing, poetic lyrics that you can’t help but fall for, and the whole band is as focused and tight as they’ve ever been, easily kicking into high gear and simmering down for quieter tracks. Ian Blurton is also back on board as producer – and maybe that’s the problem. It’s time for a fresh perspective to shake up their sound.

Fans will love Reunion Tour to pieces, but lets face it, the Weakerthans are like that old sweater that you can’t bare to part with even though you know its time to move on. (Epitaph/Anti)

Rating: 2.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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