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The Roots, The Tipping Point

The Roots are extremely talented musicians and emcees that use live instrumentation in the studio and on stage to push the envelope of rap. Their critically acclaimed 1999 classic Things Fall Apart put together all their influences – jazz, rock and R&B – and combined it with social commentary from head emcee Black Thought. However, 2002’s Phrenology was an inconsistent follow up that lost momentum after the incredible single “The Seed (2.0)”. Unlike its predecessor, The Tipping Point is culled together from a series of jam sessions and it gives the album a looser feel. Highlights of the album include the futuristic beat of “Don’t Say Nuthin”, and the soulful Middle Eastern influenced “Stay Cool”. But the best track on the album is the hidden song that puts together funk and African style beat boxing. The Tipping Point is a stylish album that focuses on building grooves as opposed to creating strong singles. (Geffen) Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

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