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The Ramzi Helewa Sound Experiment, Disjointed Songs…

After a string of EPs over the past few years, Winnipeg’s indie pop-folkster Ramzi Helewa returns with his second full-length release, and from the get-go Disjointed Songs demands your full attention. Opener “No No No No” is full of rich, intoxicating harmonies, complemented by gentle acoustic strums. Before you even have a chance to recuperate from that gem, Helewa hits you with another dose of pop found in quirky rocker “Take it from the Man.” The rest of Disjointed follows along the same line as the first two tracks, drifting from acoustic to heavy tracks, but thankfully the record is far from predictable. Helewa’s studio savvy adds an extra layer of fun as he embraces lo-fi keyboards, off-key drum machine beats, and inventive sing-along arrangements. My only complaint is that at 16 tracks the record is way too long for its own good — Helewa could of cut it down to 10 and it would have been a perfect effort. Besides that little quip, Helewa’s disjointed pop songs are a welcome addition to an already booming scene of local talent. (Independent)

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