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Album Review: The Ramzi Helewa Sound Experiment, ‘Borrowed Time’

Three years after the critically acclaimed Disjointed Songs, Ramzi Helewa is back with another set of challenging songs that are a little rough around the edges and all the more fun for it. Opening mind freak “Part 1” sounds like a long-lost Ween track, while “Go South” is pure Helewa featuring off-key harmonies, creaky guitar arrangements and wonderfully underdeveloped key parts. But, where Borrwored Time really shines is on bare acoustic tracks. “Not a Begger” has Helewa giving his best Neil Young impression and “Lay Me Down” reminds me of early Ben Lee with its grinding fuzz guitar breakdown. Some of the grainy tracks will scare off new listeners, but if you give the album some time you’ll find some real pop gems. (Independent)

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