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The Most Serene Republic, Underwater Cinematographer

The Most Serene Republic’s ambitious debut, Underwater Cinematographer, is the first addition from outside the Broken Social Scene collective to the Arts & Crafts family. While obviously influenced by the abovementioned label mates, The Most Serene Republic are a lot less focused, but in a good indie rock way. Made up of Adrian Jewett (vocals), Adam Nimmo (Drums), Ryan Lenssen (Keyboards), Nick Greaves (Guitar), Andrew McArthur (Bass), and Emma Ditchburn (vocals, guitar), these young rockers have a knack for exploring different recording techniques. What you get from their unconventional methods are songs full of lovely disjointed orchestrations, random handclapping, pounding rhythm sections, distorted guitars entangled with keyboards, and layers upon layers of vocals. Between all this madness, The Most Serene Republic sensibly injects moments of stillness (with a simple piano line) in tracks like “The Protagonist Suddenly Realizes.” and “Where Cedar Nouns And Adverbs Walk.” While at times it’s hard to make out what Adrian Jewett is singing about, his high-pitched vocal delivery suggests he’s wearing his heart on his sleeve. The Most Serene Republic have created an auditory art-pop journey that will bring college indie rock fans to their knees. (Arts & Crafts)  Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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