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The Morning Stars, You Can’t Change the World

Hamilton’s the Morning Stars list their influences as the Beatles, New Order, and Velvet Underground — which is obvious on their debut, You Can’t Change the World, but c’mon boys who isn’t influenced by them? Furthermore any critic simply comparing the Morning Stars to the Beatles is doing a complete injustice to the band, and well, just being downright lazy. What I really love about Change the World is the time and thought put into their mixes. Part of the album’s success is because they worked in their own personal studio with no time limits, or budget — and it shows. Every track is beautifully mixed with the philosophy of wide-open sounds, with delicious panning and reverb effects. So what do the Morning Stars sound like? Think Bono fronting a poppier version of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, with hints of Brit-pop thrown in for good measure. Current favourites include the slow burning title track which contains the priceless line “nah nah… nah nah, I don’t know what to sing here,” “Waiting at Your Door” which has a wonderfully placed accordion which will get your head bopping, and “Don’t Waste Your Time” which is the feel good song of the year. Overall, the Morning Stars won’t change the musical landscape, but with their solid debut, they’ll turn more then a few heads in 2007. (Volume Records)

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