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The Hermit, Wonderment

The Hermit is keyboardist and percussionist Hamish Thomson, but on his sophomore disc, Wonderment, he brings his touring band along to fill out his electronic soundscapes. Even with all the lush textures in Wonderment, it never sounds cluttered, in fact all the instruments have breathing room in the final mix — including piano, electric/acoustic and pedal steel guitar, banjo, live strings, and even an oil can — giving the record a cool, laid back appeal. Keeping with tradition in the electronic genre, Hermit collaborates with many different vocalists including Martina Sorbara, Allison Shevernoha of Paper Moon and C.R. Avery and Frazey Ford of the The Be Good Tanyas. Each artist works with songs that compliment their unique talents, mixing Hermit’s sound with hard rock beats and even country raps. The Hermit makes you feel music, but one word of advice, wear headphones to fully enjoy the sounds of Wonderment. (Nettwerk) Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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