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Album Review: The Haste, ‘A Need for Flying Machines’

The Haste’s debut A Need For Flying Machines has been a long time coming seeing as this pop-rock trio have been working in Winnipeg’s music scene for years in one form or another. It was just a matter of time before they actually put out a record.

After scrapping their original recordings, lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan McVeigh, bassist Ken Philips and drummer Matt Hildebrand have pieced together a straight-up rock effort that, as a end result, comes off sounding a bit thin at times. But, with a deeper listen and a good pair of headphones Flying Machines creeps up on you.

From lead off track “Certainly,” McVeigh’s personal and honest lyrics are at the forefront. Fans of Death Cab for Cutie and Ben Lee should enjoy McVeigh’s insights into the broken heart and fear of the future, which everyone can relate to. Other highlights include the brooding, slow build-up on “Moving Clocks Run Slow,” and the powerful, crunchy rock singles “Legitimate Brains,” “So I Don’t Forget” and “That’s a Hard One” are all sure to be popular live tracks. (Grumpy Cloud Records)

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