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The Go! Team, Thunder, Lighting, Strike

How do you describe The Go! Team? Two words: Pure fun. Initially released in the UK in 2004, their debut finally got unleashed in North America via Columbia Records last year. Thunder, Lighting, Strike is a fantastic blend of punk inspired guitars, smart old-school hip-hop sampling and scratching, a blaring brass section, combined with an indie-dance zeal that would put a smile on any music lovers face. Highlights include the ’70s funk of “Feel Good By Numbers,” “Junior Kickstart,” and “Bottle Rocket,” the dreamy recorder on “The Power Is On,” and the sunny-day banjo on closer “Everyone’s A V.I.P To Someone.” While most of Thunder, Lighting, Strike is instrumental, some tracks feature lead vocalist Ninja. While (at first listen) it’s hard to figure out what she’s chanting about, it probably makes for excellent crowd sing alongs in a live setting. (Columbia) Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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