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Album Review: The Consumer Goods, ‘Happy Bidet’

Winnipeg’s upstart indie label Grumpy Cloud Records has hit the ground running with The Consumer Goods’ sophomore release Happy Bidet. Fronted by Tyler Shipley (Vocals, guitars), The Goods have been a vehicle for his leftist political views and his latest release is no different. Recent additions (and fellow Grumpy owners) Matt McLennan (Bass), Matt Hildebrand (Drums) and production wiz Ryan McVeigh flesh out Shipley’s acoustic based material resulting in a sonically diversified record. From lonely folk ballads, country tinged dance-offs, and balls-out rockers Shipley and co. can take on any genre. Every track is bent on educating the listener about the horrors of the American government (past and present), but Shipley is a smart lyrist and never comes off as preachy, just hilariously blunt. I mean, what else could songs like “Eat a Dick, Cheney” and “Let’s have a round of applause for the American empire!” be about? In the end, the best track on the album has nothing to do with America. “And the final word is yours, Sam Katz” is a cutting observation about Winnipeg’s infamously entrepreneurial mayor: “I know its not easy running a city, a business, and a baseball team today.” “And the final word…” could replace the Weakerthans’ “One Great City!” as Winnipeg’s new municipal anthem. (Grumpy Cloud Records)

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