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The Be Good Tanyas, Hello Love

Frazey Ford, Trish Klein, and Sam Parker of the Be Good Tanyas have once again excelled at creating perfect music for those long, cold winter nights, or just for lounging around on those lazy Sunday afternoons.

Hello Love is a beautifully ethereal sounding album with tender, soulful harmonies and sweet laid back melodies. But what makes Hello Love all the more special is that The Be Good Tanyas didn’t spend any time on pre-production, or discuss what songs were going to be on the record — the end result is an impulsive, raw mix of Americana roots, and bluesy, gospel tinged folk.

Two songs that will get instant recognition, are found in the Tanyas’ versions of Neil Young’s “For the Turnstiles” and Prince’s “When Doves Cry” — both turn out to be the most rambunctious and upbeat tracks on the album. Other highlights on Hello Love include the sparse piano piece “Song For R.” the-pop induced “Ootischenia,” and folksy ballads “A Little Blues” and “Human Thing.” Still, the track that hit home with me was the heart wrenching, “A Thousand Tiny Pieces.” That song is so bare of any post-production wizardry, that you can hear the guitar scratches as Ford changes notes, and I also love how the natural reverb in the room snuggles her whispered voice, making the track all the more daring.

Personal, affectionate, and haunting, Hello Love is no doubt one of the best country-roots albums of the year. (Nettwerk) Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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