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Stereophonics, Live from Dakota

In 2005, the Stereophonics made a fantastic return to form with their fifth album, Language. Sex. Violence. Other?, which received enthusiastic critical and commercial success. However, it was on their subsequent international tour where vocalist/guitarist Kelly Jones, bassist Richard Jones, and new drummer Javier Weyler’s revitalization really took off. The evidence is captured on their first live album, Live From Dakota , which is jammed-packed with 20 tracks over two discs. Dakota opens with a female fan screaming her head off, moments before the band slams into the raucous rocker “Superman.” From there the band acquires a take-no-prisoners attitude as they rip into old favourites (“A Thousand Trees, Too Many Sandwiches”), newer tracks (“Doorman,” “Devil,” “Jayne”), and a rare B-side (“Carrot Cake and Wine”). While both discs offer the same hard rock interpretations of their songs, it works well, though it would’ve been interesting to see the Stereophonics pull a Ben Harper – making one disc electric and the other acoustic. However, with Dakota, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the Stereophonics or not, since the band’s mission was clearly to ignite your rock ‘n’ roll spirit with raw, energetic performances. Mission accomplished, boys. (Nettwerk)

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