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Single Review: Celine Dion, ‘Loved Me Back To Life’

The wait is finally over for Celine Dion’s English-speaking fans — a new album and single both entitled “Loved Me Back To Life” arrive to mark the musical return of the Charlemagne, Quebec-born superstar.

“Loved Me Back To Life,” the lead single, is a ballad that should appeal to an audience beyond Dion’s established fan base. Penned by prolific hitmaker Sia Furler and produced by Hasham “Sham” Hussain and Denarius “Motesart” Motes, “Life” fits comfortably into Dion’s oeuvre, containing the required soft verses building to the big bombastic chorus, but adds a pinch of EDM, with its light “uh-uh-I” vocal loop and slightly skittish drum and percussion arrangement.

Lyrically, the song works as both a tribute to reviving powers of love — “From the darkness the wait is over / You loved me back to life, life / You saw through the pain, saw through the mask” — and as a love letter to faithful fans who’ve waited nearly seven years for new material. (Dion’s last English-language album was 2007’s Taking Chances.)

“Life” nicely sets up Dion’s Nov. 5 album release as a unit-selling single that hits the perfect mainstream sweet spot without alienating even her most milquetoast fan.

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