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Album Review: Sheli Stevens, ‘Come Home’

Pop music in 2010 is represented by seas of faceless personalities with loud heavy beats and layers of auto-tuned vocals. Thankfully, Sheli Stevens’ debut is a reminder of a time when pop music was created by hopeful strums on an acoustic guitar. Come Home is 11 tracks of precise, lush arrangements beautifully produced by Eric Dick, which are complemented by Stevens’ creamy vocals. Born on a raspberry farm to artistic parents, Stevens learned to spin deep, yearning stories that reflect her strong personality. Whether it’s shrugging off a past love (“Since I Let You Go” and “Where Does It Go”), missing her current fixation (The Title Track and “Still the One”), she always does it with pure charm and wit. Case in point is “Since I Let You Go” in which she lays it all out: “Cause I know since I let you go/ Things have fallen into place/And I know that it may be hard to swallow/ But your absence puts a smile on my face”; it had me running for the rewind button. My only critique is the album is a bit heavy on slow tempo tunes; but as a whole the album is refreshing, revealing an artist who is just scratching the surface of her song writing abilities. (Mighty Music)

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