Sharon Robinson, Everybody Knows

Sharon Robinson is best known for her frequent collaborations with Canadian icon Leonard Cohen. Starting her association as a back-up singer for Cohen in 1979, Robinson has been on several world tours, and since then, has influenced Cohen’s work as a songwriting partner and producer. Fans of her production work on Cohen’s past two releases (Ten New Songs and Dear Heather) will love Everybody Knows as it is steeped in the same provocative and seductive blend of easygoing electronic beats. While Robinson’s production style is unquestionably '80s, it is done in good taste and of course, it helps that she is blessed with breathy, sexy vocals. Her voice transforms three Cohen covers, “Alexandre Leaving,” “Summertime” and the title track into instant highlights. Lead off track “Invisible Tattoo” is the perfect opener as she coos, “There’s an invisible tattoo / A lasting impression of you / All over me.” This sentiment sets up the rest of the album in the same jazzy, ethereal mood that begs to be listened to on a pair of headphones. Truly, Robinson has waited far too long to release her own material. (Sharon Robinson Songs)

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