Raine Maida, The Hunters Lullaby

Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida goes solo and delivers a mix of folk, hip-hop and rock in the full-length follow up to his 2006 EP Love Hope Hero. However, those expecting an acoustic OLP album will be surprised. Hunters Lullaby, sharing its title with a Leonard Cohen song, is not unlike Cohen's catalog — dark, brooding at times, and always thoughtful. Maida makes a strong call for socio-political consciousness, and approaches it from a half dozen different directions. The problem is the listener never gets to know what "it" is. I'm not advocating that artists spoon-feed their audience, but I also don't see the point in writing protest songs if your listener has to guess what you’re protesting. Maida sans the band is a decent listen so long as you're content not to bother figuring out the messages in the lyrics. (Nettwerk)

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