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Pushing Daisies, How it Makes You Feel

Since the Pushing Daisies debut, 1999’s Pretending to be Famous, the band has been criss-crossing the country on tour perfecting their signature brand of radio friendly pop-rock. With their sophomore release, How it Makes You Feel, they’ve managed to recreate some really catchy rock melodiesespecially on key tracks like first single “Punches,” strong opener “The Weekend,” the ballsy “Like You Do,” and the carefree jam “No Sugar Tonight.” The only downside to How it Makes… is that a new audience may find the Daisies’ blend of mid-tempo, clichéd rock ballads a bit hard to swallow. On the other hand, fans of Three Doors Down, Collective Soul or even Nickelback should be able to get into the Pushing Daisies — like similar acts on rock radio, there’s nothing too spectacular here, but they get the job done. (Catch 23 Records) Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

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