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People in Planes, As Far as the Eye Can See

From the very first listen of People in Planes’ debut As Far as the Eye Can See, it’s clear that the record has plenty of potential to reach a wide audience on rock radio. Gareth Jones (vocals), Peter Roberts (guitar), Kris Blight (bass), John Maloney (drums), and Ian Russell (keyboards) have the ability to create heavy guitar rock with recognizable hooks and melodies with a sense of dramatic flair, which a lot of U.K. bands have become famous for. However, there are a couple of problems here. Problem #1: The band writes some of the most inane lyrics ever heard, like the opening track “Barracuda” — “Teacher/ Sit me down/ I get accused/ Scuba/ Scuba/ With the Barracuda.” It doesn’t get any better as you delve deeper into the album, either. Just check out their first single “If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode),” which lives up to its title upon repeated listens. Problem #2: For some strange reason, PIP feel that the more delay, reverb and other studio effects you use on a song, the better. Well, not always the case, as the songs begin to lose any sense of character with the ridiculous amounts of studio gloss used. When these effects are subtler they tend to work a lot better, but when overused, it’s like jamming sonics down the listeners’ throats. It would be interesting to hear how these songs work when performed live, away from the temptations of the studio, as tracks like “Moth” and “Token Trapped Woman” sound as good as anything the Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing now. (Wind-Up) Rating: 2 Out Of 5 Stars

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