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Peeler, Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance

Peeler’s hard rock debut, Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance, is chock full of generic radio rock that falls somewhere between Nickelback and the soft ballads of Coldplay. Now, many people would say that these are lofty comparisons, but on the better tracks of Pleasure Dance, Peeler could easily take over the radio waves.

Tracks like the blistering “Pretty Little Things” and second single “Half Past High” contain some head-banging, worthy guitar lines that probably transfer well to the stage. But both tracks don’t really add anything new or exciting to the hard rock genre. What I love most about Pleasure Dance are the leanings to soft rock ballads like “Lonely Days” and “Last Place” — both display inspired vocal work by Craig Peeling, who can easily summon a vicious growl and then turn on a dime to a faint falsetto.

It’s just too bad that on repeated listens, Pleasure Dance sounds increasingly unoriginal and repetitive (see “Man I Used To Be”). Also, it’s not terribly a good thing when the title track starts off with a recycled guitar riff and an ’80s yelp of “Hey Yeah! So! Come On! Yeah!” Very Spinal Tap.

While Pleasure Dance didn’t rock my world, there’s no doubt that these guys can write some solid rock songs. They just need to do some serious touring to advance their sound for their sophomore release. (Angel Greed Recordings & Productions) Rating: 2.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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