New on DVD: Just Buried

Many agree Brits do dark comedy well. But they should also know Canadians do dark comedy with a twist very well.

Ollie (Jay Baruchel) and Jackie (Sergio Di Zio) didn't really know their father, but they felt obligated to attend his funeral. So it was quite a shock when the old man left the family business to Ollie. He didn't know anything about funeral homes or even like being near dead bodies; but he would give it a shot. However, a funeral home in a town where no one dies is not very lucrative. Then again, when your mortician (Rose Byrne) is also the coroner, anything can look like an accident.

It sounds a little twisted because it is; but that's what makes it so funny. As town's people meet their bizarre ends, you can't help but giggle. And as Ollie becomes more accustomed to his new role, it becomes clearer the story will end in disaster for someone.

Baruchel and Byrne are great. He has the awkward, nervous Ollie down pat and allows the transition to confident schemer to occur subtly. Meanwhile, Byrne's Rebecca always seems a little off but you can never be too sure of how far she will go until it's too late. They are supported by some terrific actors, including Nigel Bennett and Canadian Graham Greene. The corpses also deserve an honourable mention as they are real people playing dead.

The movie is only 90-minutes but its progression is steady and logical, even if strange. Also, if you were ever curious of the step-by-step of a mortician’s methods, this picture can be satisfying in that respect as well.

The DVD special features consist of an audio commentary by director Chaz Thorne and Baruchel, which provides amusing insights of filming in Nova Scotia, and a behind-the –scenes featurette.

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