New on DVD: Hit and Run

If you've seen Stuck and I Know What You Did Last Summer, you've already seen the better, more creative inspirations for this movie.

It's Spring Break and Mary (Laura Breckenridge) is driving home after a party. To avoid debris in the road, Mary swerves her jeep into the bordering woods but manages to avoid the trees. However, after getting home, strange noises from the garage alert her to the severely injured man (Kevin Corrigan) attached to her bumper. Taking care of the problem proves instinctual but haunting. And Mary's guilty conscience is only further tortured when someone begins to taunt her with her murderous secret.

As mentioned earlier, most of this movie is a combination of pieces from other films. Sadly, these elements account for the only relatively good parts in the film. When it branches off into unbrorrowed, psycho killer territory, it's a swift trip downhill. The narrative becomes illogical and despite the killer's ordinariness, his face is mask-like and he appears to have unnatural abilities. Furthermore, the filmmakers' attempts to be stylistic are simply irritating. The unnecessary use of wipes and irises is distracting and provides no benefit to the overall picture experience.

On a positive note, the actors are adequate in portraying their characters; it's just unfortunate their characters are in a particularly inadequate film.

There are no DVD bonus features to review.

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