New on DVD: Finding Amanda

Addiction is a disease. The first step to gaining control is admitting there's a problem. However, step zero usually involves crashing in or around rock bottom.

Taylor Peters (Matthew Broderick) writes for a television show the majority of people don't watch. However, it affords him a salary large enough to accommodate his gambling. He kicked drinking and drugs a couple of years ago but doesn't see why he should have to give up everything. After fouling up with his wife (Maura Tierney), Taylor tries to prove his worth by retrieving his wife's hooker niece Amanda (Brittany Snow) from Las Vegas and dropping her off at rehab, all the while not indulging any of his vices. But best laid plans…

The script is can be coarse, more so than expected in a movie focusing on an uncle and niece. Amanda is very comfortable with her station and speaks frankly about it as do the assembly line of oddball characters that pass by. Broderick has portrayed the neurotic screw up several times so he's got the performance down; while Snow plays the sweet bubbly girl naturally. Peter Facinelli is fantastic as the jerky undeserving boyfriend who must be charming sometimes but never when we see him. He becomes the centre of comedy in the few scenes he is in.

There is a cop-out DVD extra with the Q&A from the Tribeca Film Festival with Broderick, Snow and director/writer Peter Tolan. Nonetheless, it does reveal an interesting fact that the story is semi-autobiographical. The feature commentary with Tolan and Broderick plays like a conversation between the two, sharing tidbits and funny occurrences from shooting.

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