New on DVD: Final Destination trilogy

When someone dies or a tragic loss of life occurs, someone can often be heard saying it is part of God's plan. But what if Death has a plan and it doesn't take too kindly to people modifying it?

In the first Final Destination, Alex (Devon Sawa) has a dream before takeoff that the plane he is on will explode and everyone on board will be killed. While trying to warn the other passengers, he and a small group of his classmates are ejected and consequently spared. Having altered Death's plan, the survivors most now decipher the pattern and try to keep Death from tying up the loose ends.

The sequel follows a similar plot of precognition, this time relating to a multi-car pileup on a busy highway. The survivors' mission is the same, only now research reveals the mystery surrounding flight 180. They approach the lone survivor for help but discover only they can know how to stop it.

The final chapter of the trilogy centres on a rollercoaster accident. It recaptures the suspense and enticing story style of the first film, which had been so disappointedly diluted in the second. The characters are strong and it contains the best ending of the three flicks. However, the discrepancy regarding the cause of the derailment is nagging.

The idea in these films of man versus Death is intriguing and was a new take on the subject; furthermore, the methods Death employs to finish the job are usually quite unique and intricate. The filmmakers also did a good job developing Death into a vengeful being despite its invisibility.

The previous, individual releases of this trilogy had a lot of special features exploring most aspects of the film. Unfortunately, this two-disc release is sans extras.

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