New on DVD: Elegy

There's usually some concern about the seriousness of a May-December romance but should that be the concern of May and December?

David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley) is a seasoned art critic. After emancipating himself from an unhappy marriage, he began a life of meaningless sexual conquest, most of whom are students from the college at which he teaches. For years he is content with this lifestyle, but all that changes when he meets Consuela Castillo (Penélope Cruz). She is beautiful, smart and in need of wooing before she'll end up between his sheets. But with unbridled passion and eventual love comes fear and it can be difficult to overcome – especially for a man who's so unconsciously guarded.

David's anxieties are illustrated in life-like vignettes that are not shown to be false until after they've inflicted their impact. He’s a man trapped in adolescence but as his situations become more adult, he struggles with the need to grow up. David endures many loses but it is through this pain that a better man emerges.

Kingsley is perfection in this role; it is easy to see why these women flock to his bedroom as he exudes charm and sophistication. Cruz is naturally beautiful, despite a couple of unflattering haircuts, and her relationship with Kingsley is sweet and plausible. Dennis Hopper has a supporting role as David's adulterous friend but his appeal is a little less comprehensible.

The DVD bonus feature, “The Poetry of Elegy,” is a series of interviews with the cast and director Isabel Coixet cut with scenes from the movie.

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