New on DVD: Eden Lake

New lesson: bored UK teens that hang out in the woods are crazy so don't vacation there.

Steve (Michael Fassbender) is taking Jenny (Kelly Reilly) on a weekend getaway to a small town near a beach. In addition to some peace and quiet, he's hoping it will provide him the perfect opportunity to pop the question. Unfortunately, their romantic getaway is marred by some delinquent teens and their dog that set themselves up within shouting distance on the beach. What began as irritating harassment is pushed over the edge by an accident, which escalates the situation into a fight for survival.

The brutality of this film is unbelievable, as is the total lack of provocation or reasoning. The intention was to create a white knuckle thriller but the result is a horrific display of violence and bloodshed. It becomes so extreme, just watching is emotionally exhausting. The only factor that may be contributing to a more visceral reaction than the average torture porn flick is that the perpetrators are so young.

That said, the special effects team definitely deserves some recognition. The wounds are stomach-turningly realistic. The way the knife penetrates the skin and blood flows from open gashes is masterful. It provides the film advancement to a level of terror it would not have otherwise been capable of accomplishing.

The DVD special feature is a 4-minute making-of featurette that provides no information regarding the level of violence depicted in the film – only that, as stated earlier, they wanted to make a good thriller.

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