New on DVD: Dead in 3 Days

The French really have a handle on horror, but the Germans are not quite there yet – at least not based on this flick.

The beginning is very much like I Know What You Did Last Summer. A group of teens are celebrating the start of summer vacation when they hit something with their car – but this ends up being entirely inconsequential. Then they receive mysterious text messages saying they'll each be dead in three days. Of course, only one member of the group is concerned. When another member of their circle disappears then turns up dead, the group must confront the only thing they've ever done that could be punishable by death.

This appears to be a case of poor planning. The sequence of events is weakly related to each other and the character development is sorely lacking. Moreover, there are characters that are totally unnecessary and seem to be thrown in just to create a new direction for the story. And the conclusion is just terrible; the reasoning for the murders does not come until the end of the last act and the way the final moments play out is mostly dull.

There are no DVD special features to evaluate.

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