New on Blu-ray: Falling Down

To say this man went off the edge would be a significant understatement.

The man in question (Michael Douglas) has no name; he is referred to in the credits by his licence plate number – D-FENS. Trapped in gridlock, trying to get to his estranged wife’s home for his daughter’s birthday, he can finally take no more. He abandons his car on the highway and begins to make the journey on foot. In his wake, he leaves many dead or bleeding, including a store owner, Hispanic gangsters, a Nazi, senior citizens, innocent bystanders and a cop. D-FENS snapped and decided to tell the world what he really thinks of it – railing against the same world that has abandoned him. And with each aggravation he overcomes, he gains increasingly more powerful weapons, confidence and power. Meanwhile, on the day of his retirement, Officer (Robert Duvall) is the only cop on the force that suspects the explosiveness of the situation.

Falling Down is a mind-blowing film about one man’s drastic plunge into insanity. As he rampages through the city, he rants against small injustices like the cost of variety store merchandise and rages against violent perpetrators. Despite the madness he displays, there are tiny moments of catharsis in the film as the man acts out against the unfairness everyone has experienced.

Douglas is phenomenal as the psychotic that feels like he has run out of options. The raw anger and power he displays is frightening and awe-inspiring. Douglas has never again played a role quite like this one, having perceptibly put everything he had into the nameless, but thought-provoking, stranger.

The Blu-ray release includes an exclusive 34-page booklet that discusses the film, the importance of the L.A. location and provides actor biographies. The special features include insightful commentary from director Joel Schumacher and Douglas and a 10-minute interview with Douglas on his demoralized character and his actions.

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