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My Morning Jacket, Z

My Morning Jacket started off as an alt-country band, but with their fourth release, entitled Z, they’ve started to branch off into Flaming Lips territory. Jim James and co. have created a very cohesive album that is always about having fun while keeping in the moment. Some songs are patiently layered with airy hooks and simplistic keyboards such as in “Gideon,” and “It Beat 4 U.” While other tracks like “What A Wonderful Man,” the incredibly catchy “Off The Record,” and “Anytime” are all about rockin’ loud and hard. But what shows the most maturity and growth is the eight-minute closer “Dondante” which starts off as an quiet ballad but transforms into an epic, melancholy rocker. No wonder it was on so many top ten lists for 2005. (RCA) Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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