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Neil Young, Prairie Wind

Young’s country-rock records have always been his most popular and beloved releases. Not since 2000’s Silver and Gold has he revived his timeless acoustic sound and Prairie Wind is a fine return to form. Throughout Prairie Wind, Young reveals fond memories of past loved ones, his childhood in Winnipeg, and loves lost and found again. Although, one would think that Prairie Wind would have had some darker themes (Young recently suffered from a life-threatening brain aneurysm, and his father died earlier this year) but Young chooses to focus on the positives of his own mortality. Prairie Wind also features some ace studio players, which gives the whole project a laid-back, clean produced sound—but what really matters here are Young’s lyrics. My current favourite lyric: “Bury me out on the prairie, where the Buffalo used to roam, you won’t have to shed a tear for me, cause then I won’t be far from home.” (Reprise)

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