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Album Review: Melissa Etheridge, ‘Fearless Love’

Melissa Etheridge makes a return to her rock and roll roots with her tenth studio release Fearless Love. Producer John Shanks gives Melissa Etheridge an anthemic sound, full of big melodies, crashing drums and soaring guitar riffs. Fearless Love is a break-up album of sorts, as she split with long-time partner Tammy Lynn Michaels shortly before the album’s release. The lyrical themes are typical, focusing on different aspects of relationships: love, loss and redemption. Etheridge keeps the tempos moving from fist-pumping arena rocker “Fearless Love” and “Miss California,” the story-telling roots rock of “Indiana,” and there is even a blues-rock guitar-driven song, “Nervous”. Her vocals shine in her quieter acoustic offerings, “To Be Loved” and “Only Love,” where we really get to hear her voice and all of the emotion it carries. Fearless Love is a solid, mainstream offering that should please her long-time fans, but probably won’t win her many new ones.

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