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Mink, Let’s Get it Right

When I hear Mink’s debut all I picture are a bunch of kids pulling off stadium rock manoeuvres with extended shout outs to the crowd like, “Hellloooo St.Louuuis!”

Just playing around.

Mink are a power-pop tour de force that you’ll fall for right at the start with lead off track “Get It Right.” Full of crunching guitars (courtesy of Nick Maybury and David Lowy), a vicious rhythm section (drummer Stella Mozgawa and bassist Grant Fitzpatrick), and howling, in-your-face vocals (Neal Carlson); Mink are all ready to take over the world. And with their dirty, up-tempo brand of old-school rock, they just might accomplish that feat.

Credit must be given to producer Sylvia Massy (Econoline Crush and Tool) as she manages to capture the bands grittiness with a polished sound that still comes off completely spontaneous. In all honesty, there’s nothing here you haven’t heard before, but Mink’s debut is a fun listen and will no doubt be a fine companion as you cruise for one final jaunt to the beach. Rock on kids, rock on! (Spitfire Music)

Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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