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Metric, Live it Out

Since the release of Metric’s wildly loved 2003 debut Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? fans have been wondering (and hoping) that the group could break the dreaded sophomore jinx. With Live it Out, new producer and guitarist Jimmy Shaw has managed to capture their live raw energy by replacing once up front new wave-y keyboards with loud, edgy guitars – but sadly, the melodic gamble pays off only about half the time. Metric’s mature sound begins with opening track “Empty” which starts off with airy-guitar picking, then transforms into a monster lurch of distortion, and then back again to where it started. First single and anti-war statement, “Monster Hospital” is easily the best cut off the record and reminds the listener that while Metric can change their sound all they want, the core element of the band resides within the sexy swagger of lead vocalist Emily Haines. Ultimately, Live It Out’s big problem is the lack of catchy sing-along tracks, even though nothing is more fun then smirking along with Haines as she dissects the world’s social and political issues. (Last Gang Records)

Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

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