Marco D’Amico, Meant to Be

Italian-Canadian Marco D’Amico’s second album is all about passion. D’Amico’s sparkling tenor gives his collection of songs of romance even more power. A self-taught classical guitarist, D’Amico’s is a player who knows when to lean back and let the melody take you over, but at the same time, isn’t scared to kick it into overdrive to fully show off his talents. Key tracks include the percussion-driven "Memories of Laughter," a haunting and dark cover of U2’s "With or Without You," and the recurring guitar melody on instrumental track "Ciao Bella" manages to mesmerize. Because Meant to Be is so hard to place into a specific genre, it might not be D’Amico’s breakthrough record. However, give him some time, and sooner than later, be prepared to share him with the world. (Raspberry Music Entertainment)

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