Love Inc., Into the Night

Canadian dance group Love Inc., lead by Groove Station radio DJ Chris Sheppard and vocalist Simone Denny, are best known for their middle-of-the-road dance hits. As a follow-up to their debut, Into the Night doesn’t disappoint. The whole project is ready for multi-format radio impact. Although Sheppard’s grooves tend to border on the generic, Denny’s rich vocals always provide texture. However, the secret is out: Love Inc. is a pop act. Clearly, the co-creators are no longer teenagers, which means they are not part of the bubblegum designate. No one will mistake the group for reinventing the musical wheel, but they do have maturity in their sound. The slinky “Come on (It’s Only Love)” is the first sign of creative promise, the saccharine radio hit “Here Comes the Sunshine” notwithstanding. (Vik/BMG)

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