Love in India

India is the birthplace of the Kama Sutra but it is also home to sexual repression and anxiety.

Director Q and his girlfriend Rii live together in a passionate relationship even though they are not married. They don't entirely have the blessings of their families and they definitely do not have the approval of society. But how is this possible in the land that introduced the world to the 64 arts of sex? To answer this question, Q focuses on the mythical history centred on Krishna and Radha – the greatest love story in India. However, romantics tend to leave out it’s also a story of infidelity.

Q chooses to only glance over practical influences like arranged marriage and spousal abuse, saying later that enough others have explored those aspects. Instead, he interviews numerous non-experts about the myth and the reality. While it provides few answers about the current status of sex in Indian culture, it is a fun examination of a story that has passed through generations. As Q delves a little deeper, he finds old lyrics about the gods of love, lust and passion that were changed to make the song more wholesome and other men's admiration for Krishna's hundreds of conquests in addition to Radha.

The personal journey of the director and his co-habiting girlfriend is made interesting by the inclusion of various other characters. However, a significant irritation is a piercing tone that plays each time depictions of Krishna and Radha are shown engaging in sex.

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